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Empower Your Nutrition and Wellness Holisticly  

Our Premium Seamoss Formula offers 3X the Concentration and Power in Every Jar 

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 Seamoss Concrete Herbal Infused 

Is Formulated for Health & Wellness

Offering 3x The Concentration in every Jar, It Works.

Advocating Disease Reversal, Mineral Wellness and Prevention.

Mineral Wellness & Disease Reversal 

Generational Health with Minerals 

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Thank you for your interest in Seamoss Concrete. Houston's #1 Source for Herbal Sea moss Nutrition. Powered and Packed with 3X the benefits of any other Superfood in the wild! It’s raw, vegan and  all natural with no added sugars for taste or flavor. Our Signature Compound was formulated to offer the body 102 minerals in every spoon. Out preforming any Sea moss gel or nutritional supplement on the Market. Its not a gel, Its Concrete. The difference is the Formula. No, All Sea moss is not formulated equal.  

Our Goal 

Is to Offer you the Highest level of Mineral Infusion Available with our Signature Concrete Formula. As Seamoss Concrete Caters to Health and Wellness not Taste.

Our Philosophy is Education then Nutrition.

Making sure every client understands their body is made of Minerals. And you must replenish them daily. If you don't your body will default to Mineral Deficiency which turns into Ailments, Pain and Disease.

Seamoss Concrete offers the Highest Injection of Mineral Supplement on the Market Today.  

Rhodiola Infused

Low Energy,
Need a Boost

Wait What! 

It’s 100% Plant based? 

Yes, It's an all natural plant based boost. That gives you a next level of Energy, Performance, Endurance and Stamina while Supporting your body and cardiovascular under stress! It’s Fire!  


Nope, It’s not a stimulant like chemically based energy drinks, pre & post workout, coffee or pills. 

So you won’t get the crash,increased heart rate or side effects. 

Oh and did I mention it’s Holistic Nutrition infused into 92 more active minerals. 

It's a Superfood Powerhouse. We love It.

"Steroids Never, We got something Better.
What is Rhodiola
Pre Order Now 

An Adaptogen Herb that enhances Performance, Focus and Endurance while supporting the body and cardiovascular under stress.
As Seen in Pro Sports News 

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Dawg Juice? 

Raw Freshly Infused Sea Moss Concrete Mineral Boost 

Infused Holistic Alkaline Juice. Made with only Electric fruit. High in antioxidants, Vitamin C & Minerals. Aiding the body in Detoxification, Immunity, Stamina, Inflammation Reduction.

Supports overall wellness. Disease reversal ,Bone ,Joint and Gut Health. 

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Dawg Juice

Seamoss Concrete Infused 

Our Newest Brand Collaboration

 A Non Profit Youth Sports Health and Wellness Organization. Where our founder Lynn also sits on the board at. She is also the Acting Certified Sports Nutrition & Wellness Coach . We launched this Campaign to support our Mission. To Educate all interested in the holistic wellness benefits of juicing.

All proceeds Supports our efforts to give back to our Youth Organization Big Dawgs Motivate.

Sleepless Nights, Irritable?

Ashwagandha Infused

I'm Great for Stress, Relaxation, ADHD, Anxiety.

I aid in Hormonal, Sexual and Menopausal Support .

Are you Tired of Sleepless Nights and Sweat Burst?

Well you definitely must Try me. I'm Holistic and Raw, Never to be compared to a Processed Gummy

We are not the same. I am WHOLE.  

The Mission

To awaken, educate, and empower people to strike a Holistic healthy balance needed to optimize Wellness. And ultimately Build Generational Health.

Best Sellers

Ashwagandha Relax

Yes, We included the Ash Herb. Great for Managing Stress, relaxation and sleep quality. Offering Hormonal Boost, Balance. Aids Reproductive health and so much more. 
Gold Revitalize

Sea moss Concrete Formula. Offering 92 of the minerals our body need to function optimally. It's Concrete, 3X The Potency. No, All Sea moss is not Equal.

Herbal Holistic Nutrition

Herbal Holistic Nutrition

Why No Flavors?

We specialize in Holistic Nutrition Products. Adding refine sugars of any kind lowers and neutralize the PH. We at Seamoss Concrete want our product to remain Whole. Refine Sugar, Artificial Flavors and Many Starchy Fruit will Dilute the Nutritional health benefit and shorten the shelf Life. Due to Fermentation and Incorrect fruit Selection. We teach our clients how to sweeten Naturally if so Desired .

Shop our Juice eBooks to learn more on What to Blend.

Now Available 

About the Coach  

My name is Lynn Clay 

Holistic Nutrition Strategist


Specializing in plant-based, Sports Nutrition, Hair loss, Weight Loss, Gains, and Disease Reversal food Rx.

I help naturally create vitality in the human body with electric mineral-based solar foods. I am focused on Micro and Macro Nutrient Dense Infusion. To jumpstart and recover the whole body system.


As we know whole food was created to give the Body Fuel and electricity, boost immunity, and fight disease.

That's exactly what I’m here to help you do.

Coach Lynn, CEO,OP; IC, HNP: EDU 

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